Beer Ahoy!

Bia hoi translates into “fresh beer” and it is world famous in Vietnam. Basically, it is cheap, weak tasting, watery beer, made to be drunk as quickly as it is brewed. Cheap and watery it may be, but nasty it is not. In fact, with the tropical heat frying your brain, you soon learn to appreciate the decently refreshing volumes of bia hoi you can drink without keeling over totally legless.

The only down side to it is that as it isn’t designed to last long, it can’t be transported, so if you get to like one sort of Bia Hoi, you aren’t likely to find it in the next town down the road. Which isn’t much of a biggie, as I’ve yet to find a bia hoi that didn’t hit the spot. There is possibly a second issue with it as well – since it’s too cheap, most restaurants won’t serve it and you only get it at improvised roadside stalls and the likes (apart from in Hoi An, where you get it everywhere), but since bia hoi rings in at around 0.20us$ a decent glass, who could possibly care?

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