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Dry Side Up

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

While you’re waiting for the new posts to show up here, you might want to get yourself Dry Side Up, a book about rafting and kayaking the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. It is an excellent read if I do say so myself, and well worth the cup or two of coffee its being sold for…

Depending on personal preferences and your geographic location, you can get it from Smashwords here.

Or from Amazon’s sites, pick one that suits your location:
Europe, UK, USA and rest of world

Here’s what Tom Martin, legendary author of “Guide to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon” and all manner of Grand Canyon books and the definitive source of information for the Colorado, San Juan and other rivers, had to say about it:

Ony eloquently captures all the many aspects of a Grand Canyon
river trip. From the initial shock of winning the lottery to readjusting to
life after his river trip, this hilarious recounting of all the aspects of a
self-guided Grand Canyon river trip is a must read for all first time Grand
river runners.

It has been a while

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Years in fact. Much has gone on in the meantime, and this site is missing lots of stories. There’s Madagascar, Morocco and Uganda missing and lots more. Possibly I will get round to them soon. In the meantime, there’s new adventures in the offing, and this site might get ignored a bit more.

Then again, we might just be posting our updates from the Budapest to Bamako 2012 rally here. Keep your eyes peeled.

Damn ‘Nam (ain’t going to Vietnam)

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Is an old blues song by Leon Thomas, who as far as I know really never went to Vietnam.

I on the other hand, visas sorted, tickets in hand, am going there tomorrow. Watch this space.

Almost there…

Wednesday, February 15th, 2006


I’ve got most of the old stuff up and readable. missing only one or two countries.

and I’ve got a form of galleries working on the wonderful marela site, and a few galleries already there, so go check them out if you’re interested, and I promise I’ll remove the useless “almost there” posts ASAP and start posting some actual content. :)

so? what do you good folks out there reckon?